Posted by: felipe | June 16, 2008

Firefox 3: the hottest thing of this summer

Firefox 3
Firefox 3 is coming

Firefox 3 is set to be released very soon! To celebrate it, I did a small Firefox extension to count the time until Firefox is released and count the time left during the Download day! It will display a nice countdown on the toolbar, and a more detailed one at the status bar. There are some screenshots in the project page. Here is one of them:

Firefox 3 countdown

I’ve also put a badge on the sidebar of the blog with a blog countdown made by the guys at Mozilla Hispano. It looks awesome and I’ve heard it will start featuring Firefox 3 new features after it is launched! I’ll keep an eye on it, sounds amazing!

Both of these countdowns were featured at the Mozilla blog! My add-on was already downloaded 450 times. So cool!

Also, check it this very nice word cloud:

It was generated by a wordle, word cloud generator, which I heard about at infosthetics, one of my favorite blogs of the web.



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