Posted by: felipe | August 21, 2008

Tagmarks is one of the winners of Extend Firefox contest

I just can’t describe how happy I am now! My newest extension, Tagmarks, which I created and submitted to the Extend Firefox 3 contest, is one of the winners of the contest!

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The news about the addon and the contest are all over the place! Some days ago, when I was contacted about being among the finalists and submitting it to, I submitted it. Quickly, just by being on the “Newest Add-ons” listing, some blog posts and e-mails and comments started popping up. It appeared on Firefox Facts, Cybernet News and Lifehacker! This was all so unexpected and made me very happy and by that time I realized that the users really liked the idea behind the extension, and wanted to use it! Many people had lots of nice suggestions about it, and I’m working on many of these suggestions. I’ve got to say thanks to everyone who used their time to write nice words and great suggestions for it!

I’ve also got to say thanks a lot for many great friends who have encouraged me for participating in the contest and sending me the congrats about the results! Marcio, Fabricio, Marek, Matheus, Filípi, and all the dudes from college!

I’ll soon be posting about the future ideas I’m planning for the extension, and the UIs and interactions I’m working on to implement the new suggestions!



  1. Congratulations!
    And thanks for such a nice extension.

    Regarding future development: I hope you’ll try a way to integrate this with
    Maybe importing/exporting bookmarks from both services.

  2. Congratulations!
    Keep up the good work

  3. Parabéns!

  4. Parabéns pelo award do firefox!

  5. Your tags, and the *very* tidy, quick id’ing of “something-interesting” PLUS *why* it was—is an irreplaceable aid; particularly as, having had a stroke years back has left me with almost no short-term memory; this Add-On has reduced stacks of notes on websites—‘vital’ ::grin:: data… that were IMPOSSIBLE to decypher when they were needed!
    A decisive blow for freedom from the slavery of unreadable scrawls (mine.. ) to liberate the memory challanged!
    OK—overstated a bit… a little bit; but it really does help beat back the Third Law of Thermodynamics that threatened the lost of my whole computer under piles of notes—all of them apparently written in “Linear A” (professional in-joke; ask an archæologist/linguist; that culture’s method of writing (¿) is a *serious* pain… )
    You are so bubbling over with happiness over winning (::¿ could you tell he won ?::); …you *deserved* to, truly… now, coping with the ‘Net, for me anyway, is so *much* easier. And conserves data I otherwise have never even known that I had.
    Please, happy burbling is good for everyone, burble all you want! It is your life–celebrate it!
    Pax vobiscum.


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