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Se7en things

Cool, so the 7 facts meme got me! I was tagged by the awesome guy Chris Hofmann, and now that I’ve linked back to him (rule #1), I’ve got to share 7 embarassing facts about me that I should never tell anybody! Let’s go!

The Rules:

  1. Link back to your original tagger and list the rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 people by leaving name and link to his blog.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged

The facts:

  1. How many of you have spent endless hours watching an screensaver please raise your hands! o/  I have. This awesome screensaver made by Sierra back in the day featured an lonely man trapped in an island, and it was so funny watching him eating coconuts, firing wood to cook, trying to build his never-finished canoe, and other things. There were special events on holidays, and even some rare events where some boats, mermaids, airplanes appeared, mostly to be missed by the guy in a funny way. It was very creative and entertaining.
  2. Once, me and some friends from university got together to study overnight for a test on the next day. Instead, we played Line Rider for 4 hours long. We basically mastered the art of the game. And everybody did well on the test.
  3. Until 2 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about movies, except for Matrix or very random movies watched during boring afternoons on TV. Every time a friend would ask “hey, have you watched movie X”, the answer would certainly be No, even if it was the most obvious of the movies. So I decided I needed to do something serious to change this: I bought a book about cinema history, got to know everything at, and set to watch as many movies as possible every month. The clerk at the nearby video shop must love me, because I’ve rented so many movies since then there.
  4. I’m a huge fan of video games, specially classic consoles (Nintendo 64 and older). Many of the best memories of my kid’s years comes from playing Super Nintendo and mainly Mega-Drive (Genesis), which I swear have some of the best games made ever. During my childhood, my uncle had a game rental shop beside my house, and thus I had an unlimited number of games and possibilities to play every day. A kid’s dream! I also played Frogger on a CP-500 and had an Atari which I played endlessly. My first computer game, the one thing that got me into computers and this beautiful world of technology :), is Lemmings.
  5. When I was learning C in university, I had read the entire K&R but was still uneasy about the tiny little details that sometimes made difference between the “it works” to “What is happening here” to the even worse “Oh well, WHY is this happening”. So I set a goal: I would consider I had learned C well enough only after I mastered over 90% of the comp.lang.c FAQ. It was a tough task, but in the end it helped me winning a local Obscure C Contest =)
  6. Before I was 10 years old, I had to do a simple surgery because of a Trigger Finger, a little problem in one tendon of a finger. I was told this was due to much computer and video-game playing (wikipedia denies), but I guess I loved the concept at the time.
  7. I love web culture and watching how the web evolves and the people evolve with it. Things like data visualization, Twitter, new media, they all drive me crazy (specially when combined!). I was a very active member of an online art community for long years, even without the least ability for art! I don’t participate in general forums anymore, but I believe they are a very important part of the web, both of what it is and where it goes.

So, that’s it! My 7 nerd facts. I tried to keep then non-nerdy, but apparently failed. Anyway, it was very fun to make the list, trying to remember some funny facts from old and recent times to write!

I won’t tag anyone, because I guess that by now most of the people here on the planet (ha ha) have already been tagged, but there are some interesting ones who haven’t answered the meme yet, so keep the cool facts coming!



  1. I loved Johnny Castaway. You can still get it off the internet with instructions for XP. I have it in a pinch. I run Linux, so I’ve been known to run a win98 VM *just* so I can have Johnny running. 🙂

  2. I remember sitting in front of the monitor for hours, watching Johnny Castaway too!


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