Posted by: felipe | August 10, 2009

Multitouch Project – progress update

As part of my internship project on Multitouch for Firefox, last week the main patch for the polish of touch interactions was finally finished and is in review process now. Following that I blogged about the customization UI mockups to receive feedback, and started working on sending touch events to web pages. Here’s a summary of the ongoing activities:

Last week

– finished patch to support touch interactions (bug 503541, going on review now)
– blogged about customization UI mockups
– worked up prototypes to expose multitouch events to web pages
Loose threads
– need to get the patch reviewed and in the tree
Next target
– continue working on the events, determine what data to expose
– eventually produce video of multitouch in action

Plans for this week

– The week is just beginning but we already got some news: the patch for the moz-system-metric(touch-enabled) [bug 503042] selector got sr+, so now we can land that patch and the CSS patch [bug 503889] that was waiting on it.

– Keep working on exposing touch events to content. I am currently writing what we have so far on a wiki page to get feedback on this front, and will have a blog post about that soon.

– Will build 2 or 3 demos of what is already possible to do with these new touch events.

– The patch from last week already got some comments on the review process so I’ll address them for a new review iteration.

– If there’s enough time will work on a new round of the customization mockups taking into consideration the feedback received.


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