Posted by: felipe | August 17, 2009

The multitouch project status

Last week 3 patches regarding our touch support for Firefox successfully landed on trunk, and with them I’d say that interacting with Firefox using a touchscreen is getting quite comfortable. In addition, more progress was done in the events front, and I’ve got some cool examples that I hope to demonstrate and blog about soon.

– Beginning of the week: landed Bug 503042 (css selector) and bug 503889 (css changes)
Bug 503541 (widget gesture registration): worked on it, got r+ from smaug and roc, landed!
– built demos using the multitouch events
– brainstormed with smaug about touch events; wrote details of the current implementation (+ questions) of the events on a wiki page to get comment and feedback

Loose threads
– Publish video with demos and write about them

Next targets
– get feedback and iterate on the current events implementation
– investigate how to tie together the events and the OS gestures


  1. Just curious, are you guys also working on making Firefox more usable on single-touch screens? I realize that single-touch is on its way out, but a lot of people do have single-touch tablet PCs and there are still very few multitouch PCs.

  2. @Ibrahim: yes! Part of the project was making sure that the regular touch interactions worked well on Firefox, so we analyzed things such as the size of the buttons, made sure you can select text, drag things around, scroll a web page. So there’s definitely some work going making it usable for single touch as well.
    Besides, a multi-touch screen doesn’t rule out single touch, and while there are many nice applications for multi-touch, there are some things which are a perfect fit for single touch as well.
    This is all pretty much Windows 7 only though (for now).

  3. Bondia,
    Felicitacoes pelo séu trabalho muito interessante.
    Gostaria sabre se teria tempo para falar-mos do seu trabalho (para un exposto para a minha escola en frança). O méu português é pobre, mas poderiamos nous compriender.
    Outra pregunta, essa technologia ficara compativel com a technologia utilisada pelos segos ?

    Até uma proxima


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