Posted by: felipe | March 1, 2010

Status update on Multitouch

Here are this week’s news about our project to support multitouch screens. Besides moving forward on an events API, last week I filed some bugs that aim to improve the overall experience for touchscreens devices (single and multitouch) when surfing on the web. They are:

  • Bug 547997 – Perform hit target detection/correction on tap clicks
  • Bug 547996 – Be able to tell when a click was generated by touch
  • Bug 548005 – Browser zoom should stay centered when coordinates are available
  • Bug 548012 – Browser zoom should be cancelable to be handled by webpage

And there are some other already existing bugs so there’s now the meta bug 548100 to keep track of them all.

On the DOM Events API front, on the previous week I unbitrotted the experimental patch to apply to current trunk. And at the moment I’m investigating the Windows 7 API to understand how to deal with the limitation that you can either get raw touch input or touch gestures data, but not both at the same time.

My next goals is to work on the bugs to improve the user experience and to keep moving with the events api making sure to coordinate this work with mobile’s interests too.



  1. We’re working on a multi-touch enabled web app right now and would love some of your input. Using mostly default touch functions found in IE8 but wondered if you knew of workarounds in Webkit support.

  2. This is good news 🙂

    I recently set up Pooky ( on the Multitouch table in our research group, as it bridges TUIO to Firefox via an extension. Will this bridging functionality become natively available through the work you describe?


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