Posted by: felipe | February 28, 2012

List of existing memory/performance debugging tools

About:jank, about:ccdump, MemChaser, the profiler… I like to follow the development of all these new tools that we are creating help debug and understand our code behavior better, but it’s getting harder to keep track of all of them, and to remember what is the purpose and location of each. What’s the URL for that tool again?, Is about:jank hosted on AMO?

To make this easier I’ve created a list on MDN with all these add-ons (well, all the ones that I could remember). The purpose of this list is to have a short summary of each tool, a description of what it’s useful for, and a simple explanation on how to use it; plus a link to install and to get more information. There were some other similar lists spread accross MDN and the Wiki, but they were mostly outdated, so the reason I started a new page from stratch is to only have tools that are known to be supported and currently working.

Please add anything that I missed and feel free to improve the description or summaries for anything!



  1. “Existing Tools”… as opposed to fantasy tools? The screenshots are useful. I think about:memory should go in it…

    Also according to This page > Pages that link here, nothing links to it, not even its parent MDN > Docs > Debugging. How ill people find it?

    • Perhaps “Current tools” would have been better, but that was the idea..
      Good point about linking it somewhere, I hadn’t thought about it (well, apart from this blog post). I was counting on people finding it on MDN through searching. But linking it from the Debugging page sounds like a good idea.

  2. There use to be a long list of tools at I’m not sure who owned it and if the data that was there could be recovered. Possibly someone from the A-Team, Clint?


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