Download Day Countdown

Firefox 3 is coming very soon!

To celebrate the release of the newest version of Firefox, a world record is set to be broken! Firefox 3 will try to be the most downloaded software in 24 hours!

On June 17, 10am PDT, Firefox 3 will be launched, and the Download Day will start! If you too can’t wait for the Download Day to start, I’ve created a small addon to display a countdown to the download day!

Here are some screenshots of it:

Firefox 3 Robot:

Download Day Countdown with Robot


Download Day Countdown with Foxkeh

Status bar:

Download Day Status bar

If you want to download it, just head over to the Firefox 3 Download Day countdown page on and install it! By now you will need an account there because the extension is in the sandbox!

I hope you enjoy it, and let’s set a world record!


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  2. Firefox 3 releases tomorrow! Thanks for the sweet addon! 😀

  3. It’s 9:30am in Sydney 17 June when can we download firefox 3?

  4. Hi Rini. The official time is June, 5pm UTC (GMT). As Sydney is UTC+10, Firefox 3 will launch at 3am this night for you!

  5. June 17 San Fran is not June 17 elsewhere. should have been more aware of that.

  6. Here in Malaysia it’s June 18 and the download time is 1.00 a.m. Guess I need to stay up ;).

  7. im from malaysia too!!so,1 am eh?

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