Posted by: felipe | February 10, 2015

e10s-fied Developer Assistant

Good news for Add-on authors and front-end developers alike, who are working on e10s features: The JavaScript Shell that comes with the Developer Assistant add-on is now e10s-aware! With it, now you can set the scope of the JSShell to be of an anonymous framescript running in a remote tab, which allows you to run snippets of code in that context, and get the answers printed in the shell.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action:

JSShell set to the scope of a remote tab

JSShell set to the scope of a remote tab

I also created a screencast showing how to use the JSShell through the Developer Assistant add-on:

Tab-autocomplete for remote tabs is not implemented, and I don’t have plans for implementing it anytime soon, but contributions are welcome. Even without autocomplete, hopefully this makes working with a e10s a tad bit easier!



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