This is a short list of some of my projects. By now only my Firefox extension is featured, but there are plans for more projects to come in the near future. The projects from the old site are currently unavailable.


A Firefox extension which makes tagging Firefox bookmarks as easy as a click.
Mouse over

Firefox 3 Download Day Countdown

If you can’t wait for Firefox 3 to be launched, this simple extension will show you an exciting countdown to the Download Day!

TabCounter Firefox Extension

A Firefox extension to count the current number of open tabs in your browser, and to record simple statistics about your average tab usage.

Developing Add-Ons for Firefox

In April 2008 I gave two talks about Firefox and XUL Development at the biggest open-source conference in Brazil. Here is the video of one of them (in portuguese), about Extension development for Firefox 3. More details will come soon, as I finish doing some polish in the presentation and examples for them to be useful for everybody who is interested, in not only for those who attended the conference.



  1. Poxa! Bem interessante seus projetos =)
    Comecei a pouco mecher com web developping e ainda apenas por diversão ja que tenho meus projetos proprios subsidiados pelo governo xD
    interessante saber que tem gente da usp trabalhando com novas tecnologias da web =)

    • Alias conhece o Vaadin? vaadin,net

  2. what notebook do you use?, is the screen of your notebook a touchscreen??

    kind regards

  3. I like to talk about places and share what goes on in my community. Guam is the place I live and hope to get business partners to link together for those who like to learn more about other people’s blogs and what they enjoy doing most. I do not understand any other language other than english. It was due to my up bringing. It doesn’t bother me to tell people that but I know it can be down fault for me. That does not mean it’s the end, but I hope a true beginning to open up more ideas and more opportunities that work for those who love to interact. I am a fan of mozilla firefox and I do use other extensions for the reasons of how I interact quickly to reach others. This is important in any business. So for second languages. I hope to find freinds who can openly educate me and their friends.

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