TabCounter is a Firefox extension for people who are tab addicted.

If you often find yourself wondering how many tabs you have curretnly open, how many tabs did you ever opened, and what was the max number of tabs you have opened at once, this extension is for you.

TabCounter adds a simple unobtrusive panel at the status bar which shows you the current number of open tabs. If you have more than one window opened, it display the information for the current window and a sum for all windows!

The extension also provides some stats about your tab usage. If you click on the extension’s icon, you can view information about your record, record date and average number of tabs opened. This information is available both for the single window and the all windows counters. You can also view the number of total tabs ever opened!

The extension is currently available in the sandbox part of Mozilla Addons site, and you can install it if you have an account there. Soon I’ll be updating the extension with more features (more fancy stats!) and after that the extension will be in the public part of the Addons site.

If you have an account at, you can install the extension here:

You can leave comments, suggests and bug reports on that page. If you liked the extension, you can also leave a review, which helps it to get into the public extensions list.


  1. Hi felipe,

    Darn :-S the extension doesn’t work for FF 3b5. Please keep me updated when you post an update. Just discovered this and am as much curious as eager to use it for it’s as practical as informing 🙂


  2. Hi! I’ve updated the extension. I just needed to set the correct maxVersion for it. The current version will already work with FF 3.

  3. May try this sometime – am currently using the Tab Counter extension.

    OT: Where’s the picture in your blog header? Is it Brazil? It looks like The Gower, South Wales, UK…

  4. [OT] P: I actually have no idea… it’s the default header image from this WordPress theme. I could change it, but I love that image.. I chose this theme mainly because of that image 🙂
    And it reminds me of The Postal Service song Recycled Air: “I watch the patchwork farms slow fade into the ocean’s arms”. Just a perfect fit.

  5. [OT] Very nice – apparently it’s from the isle of São Jorge, Azores, Portugal (

    The Postal Service – also great! 😀

  6. nice plugin!
    would be much nicer, if u can replace both (stat-symbol & counter) by only one button. this button is supposed to show the current counter, by clicking on the counter the user will open the stats – like clicking on the former stats-button. this solution will reduce some spaace in the bottom adressarea.

    thx in avance

  7. Would be a nice plugin, but
    if I open one tab, the number of “total open tabs” encreases by two.


  8. Fala Felipe!
    MUITO BACANA seu Add-On, parabéns!
    De quebra ainda a extensão mostra dados que eu não esperava e curti bastante!

    Uso um theme DarkGray e quase não há contraste no valor das abas abertas, o que deixa o nº quase invisível. Uma opção de contraste no mini box alí seria de grande valia, penso eu!

    Grande abraço,

  9. A very nice add-on for tab counting. I like the statistics that it provides. However, it does not currently work with Firefox 3.5. maxVersion is still set to 3.0.* while it should be set to 3.5 or higher (providing that it doesn’t break anything in those versions).

    • Actually, after reinstalling, it DOES work with Firefox 3.5, though the source indicates that it shouldn’t, unless 3.0.* somehow encompasses 3.5.

      It DOES, however, interfere greatly with Tab Counter 1.8.2 (another extension). It stopped the other plugin from working, and froze the Add-ons window when I attempted to see what was wrong.

  10. Huy que bien. en addons.mozilla hay dos extensiones: COUNTERTAB :la de morak y la de felipc.

    Si bien la de morak puede ser mas actualizada, en mi caso solo ha funcinado bien la de felipc, debido a que estoy probando en FLOCK las extensiones de firefox, , que bueno que haya alternativas, gracias.

  11. Cool extension but I wish it wouldn’t break the Tab Counter extension. Also, like other people have said, it would be nice if the tab icon to the left of it was removable and clicking on the number would open the stats. Also, maybe have the option to move the tab count from the status bar to a tool bar, like Tab Counter.

  12. Would it be possible to have an option to display only the number of tabs in the current window, rather than that plus the number of tabs in all windows?

    The reason for the request is that some users (like me) NEVER have >1 Firefox window open. What with the ability to have lots of tabs, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to have >1 window open, but to each their own.

    For people who have only one window open, displaying both the number of tabs in the current window and in all windows is redundant and unnecessarily clutters the status bar.

    Thanks for considering this suggestion.

  13. I left a suggestion for a new feature on the add-on page but since people are asking here too I figured it was OK so I’m doing it too: I would love to have the feature added that would display, before the total number of tabs open, the tab I am currently on. That is, if I have 10 tabs open and I am on 3, the display in the status bar would say 3/10 or 3 of 10 or even just have two separate boxes like it has now if you have more than one window open. Make it optional to show it for people who aren’t like me and don’t use the full screen mode a lot and get tired of moving my pointer to the top of the screen so the tab bar will drop down.

    Oh, and for people who don’t like the stats box and the number of tabs in all windows taking up space in the status bar, use Organize Status Bar add-on.


  14. Not sure if you’re following these older comments, but this extension works fine in 3.7a3… would you mind updating the compatibility range to make it easier to use with 3.7?

    • Done! thanks for the heads up

  15. Incredible add-on, it worked flawlessly, but for some weird reason first showed the # symbol, and then the counter just disappear along with the stats.

    Excelente extensión, me funcionó bien pero por alguna extraña razón, primero mostró el símbolo de # y después desapareció el contador, tampoco despliega las estadisticas.

  16. Could you write similar extension for ThunderBird?

  17. Muito bom o complemento.. falta ser compatível para o FF 4

  18. Is there any plan to update this for Firefox 4+? I still have it installed in hopes of there eventually being an option to put the tab count somewhere other than the status (now Add-ons) bar. This is the only add-on I still use that needs the add-ons bar and I don’t want to enable it only for that.

  19. Hmm… I just installed this one for the 3rd time, but it never show. I’m unable to see it.

  20. How can i turn off the icon and just have the numbers

  21. Hello.
    First of all thanks for the great addon. I have suggestion of added functionality – please let us choose, whether pinned tabs should be counted in the displayed number.
    I do open (with help of few more extensions) all my google reader entries as tabs and then wonder if all were opened. So I compare number of open tabs to gr’s unread count. I have to deduct my 4 pinned tabs all the time which is a bit inconvenient.

  22. Not working in 30.0 . Really miss it.

    • Yeah, we wait for some refresh in an update, please.

  23. Pleeeease!! Pleeaaase!!
    Update to make it work with Firefox 30, pleease!!
    I really need this extension!
    May be converting it to a toolbar icon would solve the problem?
    I beg you T__T

  24. UPDATE!!!!

  25. How do I get it to show back up on the Status Bar? I clicked it to show on the Menu and can no longer find it.

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